Our Mission

Blue Sky Miami is the ideal thatyour community is not just a property it's a home. We are committed to delivering unparalleled property management services to all of our clients and handling the business of the Association with professionalism and integrity. We expect all members of our staff to treat your community as though we live there, and your owners as though they were our neighbors. 


Blue Sky Miami's ONLY business is community association management. Focusing our entire effort on association management eliminates potential conflicts and distractions, allowing us to provide the superior service your association deserves. Customers who choose Blue Sky Miami for their property management service are assigned both a licensed Community Association Manager to look after the property needs, as well as a dedicated accounting staff member to look after the financial side of your business. We take great pride in the strength of our accounting and financial support staff. We believe your association deserves the highest quality of financial and management services to protect the interests of its members. Blue Sky Miami and its Community Association Managers are licensed by the State of Florida. We adhere to high standards of professional conduct and continuing education. 


Our hands-on approach to customer service is buoyed by a technology infrastructure that allows each property manager to focus on the delivery of great service. Blue Sky Miami utilizes advanced computer software designed specifically for the unique requirements of community associations to process collections, disbursements and financial reports. The software electronically downloads cash receipt data on assessments that are deposited directly into the association's lockbox bank account. Our software also provides an advanced covenant violation tracking and reporting system. 

Our managers are always on call for any emergency that might occur in your community. Our phones are answered 24 hours per day by a live person. The result is 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise and, ultimately, the peace of mind of knowing that you're partnered with the best. 




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