About Us

Welcome to Blue Sky Miami, a Miami Beach real estate management firm which was developed from the very beginning to manage community associations, not as a sideline business to real estate rentals and sales. For more than 15 years, our dedicated team of professionals has worked hard to become the business manager and trusted partner of small and mid-sized residential communities in Miami, as well as commercial condominiums.

We are very proud to have been awarded The Best of Miami Beach awards for Property Management for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  We have also been awarded an A+  by the Better Business Bureau which is a quite rare among condominium management companies. 
So many of our community members have been so impressed with our management of their individual communities that in recent years, we have received many requests to manage their rental units.  They related to us the challenges that they had encountered with finding a responsible company to manage their investment properties which put them at risk of losing their tenants.  Apparently, the need existed for a company with management expertise, a trained staff and a responsive property maintenance division. In just the past few years, we have added to our portfolio of services to include owner management - the management of rental units for investors as well as units owned by absentee - out of town - condominium owners.  

Located in Miami Beach,  a community known for having more condominiums than any other type of housing, we have consulted for a number of communities on how to improve their processes, assist their less experienced managers with projects and to introduce the community to new technologies in community management. Not every community needs to change their manager but instead can benefit from our extensive project management experience as well as our company's use of the very latest software and property management tools that few small and mid-sized management companies possess. 

As a condominium owner, our company's Principal, Maxwell Sheiner, was a Board member in a condominium community in Miami Beach some 15 years ago. At that time, he had worked for years with AT&T and later Lucent Technologies as a regional manager supporting strategic business partners in Latin America. In that capacity, he assisted them with the preparation of their budgets, preparing requests for proposals, evaluating bids, contracting and much more. 

In a span of just 3 years, his small condominium association struggled with several property management companies. The property was not being maintained, vendors were calling the Board about unpaid bills, small violations became fines and a lien,  and owners' requests were ignored. Similar to most communities in Miami Beach, this was a community of young professionals who held full time jobs but they were increasingly investing their time micro managing their management company. A decision had to be made - find another management company or self-managed. Maxwell offered, and the Board gladly accepted, to collect owner assessments, pay the bills, meet with vendors and contract for over due repairs. 

Sometimes in life, one gets to the point of frustration and realizes that their career experiences have prepared them for a new challenge. What began as simply a desire to better his own community quickly grew as nearby communities would implore him to take over the management of their condominium association from local management companies that did little to nothing or their communities. From this experience, Blue Sky Miami was created so that other communities would benefit from a true professional manager who understood first hand the needs and challenges of condominium associations in Miami Beach and Miami.



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