Our Success


Our philosophy by which we work every day has much to do with it.   We manage our communities as if we lived there ourselves. We treat each customer's concern as if it were our very own.  Not one of our team has not been a tenant or a resident of a condominium community at some time.  We all know all too well that more often than not, those experiences have shown us the shortcomings of the companies and people entrusted to handle those responsibilities. We also recognize that Miami, with so many attractive qualities is not known for stellar customer service.  Management companies, vendors, contractors and many others most often do not deliver on their commitments and place almost no importance on building a long term relationship with their customers. 

Our management team understands that  our customers are not only the Board members, but each community member and the tenants who reside there as well. Equally important are our vendors and contractors for if we treat them as our valued customers, they usually will return that good feeling by delivering top notch service to our managed communities. Real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, title agents and others in the real estate industry when provided excellent customer service by our office are quite often one of our  best source of referrals for new business. 


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